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Other Programs & Services

Market Cart

Market Cart provides free grocery-quality produce delivered to seniors currently participating in the Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS), receiving Meals on Wheels through Hastings Family Service, or residing at one of the Hastings senior community buildings (Mississippi Terrace, Oak Ridge Manor, or Rivertown Courts).  

On average, participants receive thirteen pounds of assorted produce.  Items often include: bananas, apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, frozen vegetables, and frozen berries.  

Collaborative Partnerships


Hastings Family Service participates in a collaborative partnership to provide a free summer lunch program in Hastings. 

The program provides a free, healthy lunch for persons of all ages during the summer months.  In addition to a free lunch, there are also free youth activities for youth in grades 2-8 and free bus transportation to and from eight locations around Hastings.  

2019 MEALS Schedule and Information