Programs & Services

Just Friends

Just Friends provides transportation and grocery shopping assistance to enhance the quality of life for people in the Hastings community.


Trained volunteer drivers provide rides to medical, dental, counseling and county social services appointments.

Grocery Shopping Assistance

Trained volunteers provide transportation and assistance with grocery shopping.  Recipients of this service are expected to go with the volunteer to complete the grocery shopping and take care of payment.

Requesting a Ride

  • All rides must originate in Hastings.  
  • Ride requests must be in by Wednesday the week prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • While we do our best to try and meet all ride requests, occasionally we are unable to provide a ride due to volunteer availability.
  • To schedule a ride or for more information about Just Friends, please call 651-437-7134.

Supporting Just Friends

Just Friends services are free of charge. Contributions are always welcome and are tax deductible. 

Volunteer drivers make Just Friends possible.