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26th Annual Gobble Gait Hosts Large Crowd

Overhead shot of a large crowd of runners beginning the race, pouring through the street with historic building on either side, and the American flag hanging overhead from a ladder truck.

Gobble Gait has been a Thanksgiving tradition in Hastings since 1998 when it began as a small race to raise some money for the Hastings Family Service. With 2,994 registrants this year, a beautiful Thanksgiving Day brought well over 3,000 people to Hastings, growing from a race that raised $4,600 in its first year to $128,000 in 2022. While final numbers aren’t in, it is likely that the support from Gobble Gait to Hastings Family Service will match or exceed last year’s record total.

“Hastings Family Service would look very different today if it wasn’t for the support received from Gobble Gait each year,” said Amy Sutton, HFS Executive Director. "This was my 15th Gobble Gait with HFS and it is such an incredible way for the entire community to come together and make a difference for our neighbors!” Sutton is grateful for 26 years of dedication from founders/organizers Mary Fasbender, Jay Kochendorfer and Brian Radke and his family, and also credits the sponsors, volunteers and participants that have made Gobble Gait successful year after year. This year’s presenting sponsors were Edward Jones – Abra Hovgaard agency and North American Banking Company.

Gobble Gait celebrated 26 years at a time of great need. HFS reports serving 68% more people in food programs in August of 2023 compared to August of last year, and across all programs, has seen a large increase in need for food, clothing, transportation, and emergency financial assistance. HFS is able to meet those needs in part thanks to Gobble Gait, which is now one of the largest Thanksgiving Day races in MN. 

Photo courtesy of The Hastings Journal